The Exquisite 717 Townhouses

Your personal haven from a bustling world...

An exclusive development

Situated in the prime residential enclave of District 10, the exclusive 717 townhouses offer choice and convenient living for a privileged few.

The development houses only 6 units, most of which are owner-occupied.

As such, opportunities to rent a unit are far and few between.

Unbeatable convenience

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Bukit Timah, the 717 townhouses are just a short walk/drive from premier local and international schools, social clubs, gourmet supermarkets and restaurants, the Botanic Gardens and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Public transportation is already easily accessible and the upcoming Downtown MRT line, which is literally at the doorstep, will make commuting even more of a breeze!

The dilema of choice

We offer 2 townhouses for rent.

One is a 2500 sq ft intermediate unit and the other a 3000 sq ft corner unit.

Both are finished exquisitely in 2 unique styles.

The intermediate unit, 717C, is done in a chic, contemporary style, whilst the corner unit, 717E, is more resort-like.

Regardless of choice, our tenants will enjoy a home that is both practical and will also make them house proud.

As the 717 townhouses were conceived and developed by our family, we, the owners, were involved in every stage of the development, from the planning  to the final execution.  Materials and fixtures were hand chosen, and what resulted is the culmination of a labour of love. Ultimately we seek discerning tenants who are able to appreciate the attention to detail.

Each townhouse is meticulously refreshed before a tenant takes possession to give a feeling of newness to the premises.

Do come inside and take a closer look by clicking on one of the sub-pages at the top left hand corner of the page.🙂

Rental Availability Update!! 717C is currently available for lease.  Any enquiries can be directed to:  Thank you for your interest!